This Way Up 8 August 2015: Part 1

Metal yoga, porcine history and Apple security flaws.

Metal Yoga

A woman doing yoga.

Photo: Marco Antonio Reyes/PIxabay

Saskia Thode is a metal yoga instructor in New York. It's when the traditional gentle world of yoga is blended with metal music.

Mark Essig: Lesser Beasts

A man and a pig.

Mark Essig Photo: John Fletcher

The majority of the 20 kilograms of pork the average New Zealander eats every year is imported from overseas.

Most of it is brought into the country frozen and processed into hams, bacon, salami and sausages.

It illustrates how pork has become a global commodity – a process that started with the pig's domestication by humans hundreds of years ago.

Mark Essig, the author of Lesser Beasts: A Snout-to-Tail History of the Humble Pig, talks to Simon Morton.

Tech: Apple security flaw?

Tech commentator Peter Griffin.

Tech commentator Peter Griffin. Photo: Supplied

Apple and a new malware scare plus the right to be forgotten, these are the obligations on Google to remove offensive material about individuals appearing in its internet search results. So far it's really just been a European issue, but now the right to be forgotten could be going global.

This Way Up 8 August 2015: Part 2

Naked science, chorizo, fighting food waste in Spain, and Ultimate Frisbee could be part of Olympics.

Science: early life and faster healing

Dr Chris Smith of The Naked Scientists

Dr Chris Smith of The Naked Scientists Photo: SUPPLIED

Chris Smith of The Naked Scientists. Scientists have uncovered the trigger that helps organs, skin and tissue regrow rather than form a scar. Also, how the earliest multi-cellular lifeforms reproduced.


Chorizo sausage.

Chorizo Photo: RNZ/Richard Scott

Javier Garcia

Javier Garcia Photo: RNZ/Richard Scott

The Spanish eat three times as much pork as your average New Zealander.

An average Spaniard devours over 60 kilos of the meat each year, making Spain one of the world's biggest per capita pork consumers.

Javier Garcia makes the smoky Spanish sausage chorizo in Christchurch.

Spain: Solidarity Fridge

Inside a fridge.

Photo: Pixabay.

Ashifa Kassam lives and works in Spain, where the Solidarity Fridge is helping communities reduce food waste. Also the Canary Islands is trying to get its 11 million tourists off their resorts and into the wider local economy.

Olympic frisbee?

Frisbee Throw.

Frisbee Throw. Photo: Hagen Hopkins

Frisbee fans are fizzing.

The International Olympic Committee has recognised disc-based sports, opening the door for ultimate frisbee and frisbee golf to one day feature in the Olympic Games.

The World Flying Disc Federation is reported to be "honoured and humbled" by the IOC's decision.

The Executive Officer of New Zealand Ultimate, Iain Stewart, told This Way Up's Simon Morton that he's stoked too.