Urine trouble

Uri Friedman is the Global Editor of The Atlantic. A court in Germany's just ruled in a case over the right of men to stand up when they urinate. It reflects a long-running debate about the issue in German society.

Unboiling eggs and asteroids

Eggs PD pixabay

Dr Chris Smith with the latest science news, and the discovery of how to 'unboil' an egg.

Also Asteroid 2004 BL86 passes so close to the Earth that it's classified as a "near Earth object".

Gamergate and online harassment Zoe Quinn

Zoe Quinn CC BY SA Zoe Quinn
Zoe Quinn 2014. CC BY-SA 4.0 by Zoe Quinn

Zoe Quinn is a video game developer who last year found herself at the centre of Gamergate, when a small but very nasty part of the gaming community turned on her.

She's helping others deal with online harassment with a service called Crash Override.

Tech news: Apple and app sales

Peter Griffin with tech news; including Apple's monster profits, what the most popular apps were in 2014, and new regulations for foreign tech companies working in China.

Cheap firewood

It's the height of summer... the perfect time to buy firewood.

Fire wood burning PD BY Jon Sullivan

You can save money and stay warm this winter by buying your wood now, when it's really hot!  

Consumer affairs firewood measure guidelines here

Here is a user's guide to firewood with David Phipps of Ablaze.

Reading maps

Julie Sweetkind-Singer from Stanford University works at the intersection of the analog paper map, and new digital mapping technology.