Naked Science: Ebola and breastfeeding

Dr Chris Smith with the latest on the ebola outbreak in West Africa. Also why action films make you eat more, and how breastfeeding can create a healthier immune system.

Plant productivity

Embrace the clutter and buy a begonia

Begonia leaf

Professor of psychology Alex Haslam has been studying the link between office decor and workplace productivity.

High pressure food processing

Sarita Males is the chief executive of The Foodbowl, part of the New Zealand Food Innovation Network. How to kill off the micro-organisms in our food through the equivalent of taking it 60 kilometres underwater.

Magpie attraction

It's magpie swooping season. So are these black and white birds really attracted to shiny things? With Dr Toni Shephard from the University of Exeter.

Speedy sequencing

The genetic revolution going on with DNA sequencing technology shrinking in size and in cost. Professor Mike Berridge and David Eccles from the Malaghan Instiutute demo some of the new technology.

The Shape We're In

Sarah Boseley looks at the global obesity problem and what is being done about it in her new book 'The Shape We're In: How Junk Food and Diets Are Shortening Our Lives'.

Tech news: Apple, Minecraft, Destiny

Technology commentator Paul Spain on the big Apple event, the rumours that Microsoft wants to move into Minecraft, and the lauch of what's being touted as the biggest games release of the year.