Luminous chicken

We try to solve a great culinary mystery involving a stir fry, a cat and some chicken leftovers!With food technologist Torben Sorensen of Sorensen Laboratories.

Tech news

Peter Griffin on plans to make EFTPOS an online payment system. Also Twitter's struggles to restrict circulation of the video purportedly showing the execution of the American journalist, James Foley.

Uncontacted Amazon tribes

Jonathan Watts lives in Brazil where members of one of the world's most isolated tribes are emerging from the Amazon rainforest.

Allergic responses

Lisa Connor is part of a team at the Malaghan Institute hoping to unravel the mysteries of allergies, with the aim of developing an 'off' switch for the allergic response.

Undersea sounds

It's not just whales and dolphins using whistles, clicks and other sounds to communicate underwater. Craig Radford of the University of Auckland is studying undersea sounds, and has found a local fish species also using sounds to communicate!

Drunken monkey

Could some humans fondness for alcohol have an evolutionary basis? Professor Robert Dudley is the author of 'The Drunken Monkey: Why we drink and abuse alcohol'.

Naked science

The latest science news with Dr Chris Smith. This week, the roots of cystic fibrosis, and the discovery of a 'sleep switch' that could help explain why we sleep less soundly when we get older.


The social news website BuzzFeed is growing by 75 percent a year and has 150 million monthly users! Rupert Neate of The Guardian has been examining the BuzzFeed phenomenon.