Stroke rehab

Stroke rehabilitation technology that uses an adapted video games console to restore and improve movement. With Fiona and Colin Weston and Elliott Kernohan, the CEO of Im-Able.

The value of trees

What are trees worth to you? Dr Margaret Stanley, Alison Greenaway and Robyn Simcock are part of a team trying to understand what value people put on trees in New Zealand's largest city.

Dirty Politics and Facebook messaging

Facebook's annoying users with intrusive requests to sign up for its messaging app. Also the tech fallout and cybersecurity implications of Nicky Hager's new book 'Dirty Politics'. With Peter Griffin.

Better bumblebee nests

New Zealand's leading the world in designing more appealing nests for queen bumblebees. Dr David Pattemore is a pollination scientist at Plant & Food Research.

Sudoku world champs

Competitors from 34 different countries have been taking part in the world sudoku champs in England this week. Hannah Ellis-Petersen of The Guardian has been there.

History of sex dolls

The long and not-so-illustrious history of the love companion doll, from inflatables to today's high tech consumer products. Julie Beck is a senior associate editor at The Atlantic who's written on the subject.

The Story of the Human Body

In 'The Story of the Human Body' Harvard evolutionary biologist Daniel Lieberman writes a book about how the human body has evolved over millions of years.