Oamaru taxidrivers turn postie

Murray and Liz Bell of Whitestone Taxis have started delivering Oamaru's mail.

India alcohol labelling laws

Anu Anand from Delhi, where strict alcohol labelling laws are causing major headaches for some of the world's biggest drinks companies.

Brewing yeast genetics

Professor Kevin Verstrepen of the University of Leuven is on a team sequencing the DNA of more than 200 different yeasts from all over the world. He's trying to understand how individual genes contribute to particular smells and tastes in beer, wine and sake.

Insects and LEDs

Dr Steve Pawson, the Research Leader Entomology at Scion and President of the Entomological Society, has been looking at some of the effects new LED lighting technology is having on our insect population.

Picturesque satnav

Daniele Quercia of Yahoo Labs is working on a clever way to navigate your way around in the most picturesque way possible

Birds: Rosellas

Hugh Robertson tries finding the eastern rosella.

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault

Jane Toll of the Global Crop Diversity Trust, works for one of the organisations that oversees The Svalbard Global Seed Vault. It stores 825,000 samples from more than 200 crops in the permafrost on a remote Norwegian island in the Arctic circle.