Pottery collector

Jeff is a private collector who's assembled one of the country's biggest pottery collections over more than 40 years. It's worth millions; but it's taking over his home, and his life.

3D printing doco

A new documentary called Print the Legend looks at the push to take the personal 3D printer into every home. It goes behind the scenes to bring a warts-and-all account of some of the major players.

The Wireless has a text interview with Print the Legend filmmakers Luis Lopez and Clay Tweel

and This Way Up's Richard Scott talks to director Clay Tweel...

Netflix to NZ and Kindle Unlimited?

Technology with Peter Griffin. Amazon could be about to launch an all-you-can-eat ebook subscription service. Also what will Netflix's potential entry into the NZ market mean for its estimated 30,000 users here?

Hemp goes mainstream

How hemp is confronting its image problem and entering the mainstream food industry. With Matthew Boyle, who writes about the global food industry for Bloomberg Businessweek.

Ancient plaque and friendship genetics

Dr Chris Smith of the Naked Scientists with some dental archaeology, and research that suggests that friendship seems to have a strong genetic basis.

Self tracking body sounds

Tanzeem Choudhury of Cornell University is working on wearable tracking technology that records all the noises our bodies make to work out how we're feeling and what we're eating.