The 2,000-year-old piece of technology that's still a central part of the global distilling and brewing industry. Wayne Curtis has been looking at the history and science of the barrel. Also Pete Gillespie and Jos Ruffell of The Garage Project are importing tequila barrels from Mexico to brew their craft beers in.

Naked Science

Naked Science with Dr Chris Smith. This week, 3D printing eye cells....could this be a way to restore people's sight? Also with millions of air travellers criss-crossing the globe every day, a new way to model the spread of diseases.

Birds: California quail

We head out with Hugh Roberston to spot the California quail.

Tech news

Peter Griffin on a UN resolution to protect people's right to privacy in the digital age, and Apple gets told off by Australia's consumer watchdog for misleading consumers over its warranties.

Anti-psychotic drugs

In her book "The Bitterest Pills", psychiatrist and academic Joanna Moncrieff expresses her concerns about how the number of prescriptions for anti-psychotic drugs has rocketed over the past decade.