Swanky watches

How sales of luxury watches are defying the global downturn and recording record sales. So why are so many people spending thousands on a pricey watch in tight economic times?With Tracy McVeigh of The Observer and veteran watchmaker Ian Young.

Kumara origins

Vincent Lebot is working on a team doing genetic tests on Captain Cook's old sweet potatoes to work out exactly where our modern kumara comes from.

UK news: horsemeat

Chris Parkin lives in the UK where horsemeat is on the menu, whether you like it or not.


The super-grain quinoa has become hugely popular among vegetarians and food-lovers worldwide. Dan Collyns is a multimedia journalist based in Peru.

Tech news: Driverless cars/iWatch?

Charles Arthur beams in with the latest news from the world of technology; this week, driverless cars that rely on laser sensors rather than GPS, and reports that Apple could be planning a move into wearable computing with a wristwatch.


Science journalist Linda Geddes examines some of the most common myths surrounding pregnancy and parenthood.