Drones- unmanned aerial vehicles or UAV's- are being used by the military and by law enforcement agencies around the world, but there are other applications for the technology. With Ben Forman, Stephen David Howard and Ryan Cadwallader of Sycamore. And the law around using drones in private and public spaces with John Edwards.

Naked Science

Dr Chris Smith beams in with the latest science news; a device for migraine sufferers, the magnetic maps salmon make to navigate home, and why kids eating dirt is essential for their immune systems.

Performance enhancers

Can music be a performance enhancer for football teams? Kate Connolly reports on the German Football Federation's annual science congress in Frankfurt.

Scrabble rebel

Joshua Lewis wants to change the traditional scoring system for Scrabble by giving some tiles new values to reflect modern word usage.

Tech news from the USA

Peter Griffin beams in with tech news. This week, the Pentagon boosts recruitment to build an army of cyber terrorism experts. Plus The US Postal Service struggles to cope with new technology.

Wrinkled toes

Tom Smulders of Newcastle University is trying to discover the secrets of why the skin on your fingers and toes puckers up when you spend too long in the bath.

Flat pack skiff

Alec Jordan of Jordan Boats is selling flatpack kitset boats all round the world.