Photo detective

Lynette Townsend and Anita Hogan of Te Papa are trying to track down the families of over 100 soldiers who fought in the First World War. All they have to work with are some old glass negatives found in an attic cupboard!

Preserving history

Professor Helen Leach has been studying hundreds of jam, pickle and chutney recipes in old magazines and cookbooks to uncover this country's hidden history of fruit and veg preservation.

Open source:smartphones and sweaters

Sam Muirhead is trying to live for a year only using open source products. His latest challenge has been to find an open source mobile phone.

Tech news

Peter Griffin on the debate over who should control the internet, and new research on the take up of ultra-fast broadband. Plus bad news for the crowd-funding website, Kickstarter; it could be liable for products launched via its site.

On The Map

The past, the present, and the future of the map with Simon Garfield, author of 'On The Map'.