Revolutionary rest home

For the past 30-odd years, registered nurse Alison Neill has been running Moreh House in Fairlie in Canterbury. It's a rest home with a difference.

History of the pallet

Tom Vanderbilt of's been looking at the history of the shipping pallet, an object as important as the shipping container in keeping goods moving smoothly around the globe.

KiwiSaver 5: children and the self-employed

If you're self-employed, is KiwiSaver worth joining? Plus kids and KiwiSaver; how can you get it working for all your family? With Chris Douglas, the co-head of Fund Research at Morningstar Australasia, and Amanda Morrall of

Curious Behaviour

Coughing, yawning and sneezing are just some of the curious behaviours documented by the American scientist Robert Provine.

Fat travels

A team of scientists at Oxford University has discovered exactly how long it takes fat to gets from our food onto our waists. We speak to Professor Fredrik Karpe.