From the cravat to the Windsor, the tie still has an important place in our schools, boardrooms and rugby clubs. With Thomas Fink, the author of 'The 85 Ways to Tie a Tie', Shelley Macrae of the Sander Tie Company, Dr Jane Malthus and image consultant Samantha Hannah of ECO Style Consultancy.

Tech news

Charles Arthur beams in with bits and bytes from the hi tech world. This week, new laws governing cookies for web sites in the EU. Also, can the new Boeing 787 be hijacked using the internet?

Taste matters

John Prescott is a sensory scientist and the author of Taste Matters (Reaktion Books). The book examines why we like the foods that we do. So how far is what we eat determined by our culture, by sensory pleasure or our genetics? And how do you get junior to eat his brussel sprouts?!

Smart Homes

You'll have heard about smart power meters and smartphones...but how about the smart home? Diane Cook from Washington State University is looking at what homes of the future will look like and what they can do.

Dating consultant

Hollywood screenwriter turned online dating consultant Matt Prager helps people navigate their way through this complex and sometimes cruel world.