Flu facts

Why does the flu love the start of winter, and do high end flu remedies actually work? Flu facts with Dr Lynn McBain.

Tech news: Spotify

Peter Griffin on the news that Spotify, the online music streaming service, has opened for business here in New Zealand. Plus why are people suing Facebook after its IPO last week?

Prison consultant

You're facing jail time and your only experience of prison life is watching The Shawshank Redemption. It might be time to give prison consultant Larry Levine a call!

Mycophilia and fungal foraging

Fungi are the second largest group of organisms on the planet after insects, making up one-quarter of the earth's biomass. We speak to Eugenia Bone, the author of 'Mycophilia', and head out on a fungal foray with mycologist Geoff Ridley.

Naked Science

More Naked Science with Dr Chris Smith. This week, how shift work affects your fertility (if you're a mouse!) and the quest to breed tastier tomatoes using chemistry.