Hearing aid test

We take new hearing aids out for a test drive after a fitting by audiologist Karen Allen. So how does the world sound in digital quality, amplified stereo?!

Targeting new consumers

The Swiss consumer product giant, Nestle, is using floating supermarkets and an army of 8,000 door-to-door saleswomen to target an emerging breed of Brazilian consumers. Andrew Jack of the Financial Times reports.

Measurement Lab

Measurement Lab is backed by Google and is meant to be an accurate and transparent tool to measure internet speeds and network performance in New Zealand. We check out the country's M-Lab servers with Professor John Hine and Andy Linton of Victoria University.

Tomatoes: Barry Estabrook

How a flimsy, highly perishable bag of water, vitamins and flavour compounds has become a mainstay of the modern table. Author Barry Westabrook is the writer of 'Tomatoland: How Modern Industrial Agriculture Destroyed Our Most Alluring Fruit.'

Tomatoes: Modern growing

With the vast majority of New Zealand tomatoes grown under glass we visit commercial grower Shaun Brannigan, who grows his toms in a large scale greenhouse with constant temperatures and no soil; just coconut fibre and nutrient-laden irrigation systems.