Hearing aid choices

In-ear, behind-the-ear, or open fitting? We're shopping for hearing aids with audiologist Karen Allen of Bay Audiology.

Litre of light

Illac Diaz is working on a project to bring free light to 15,000 homes in the Philippines. It uses no electricity, and all you need is water, some bleach and an old soda bottle!

Antibiotic issues

Dr Martin Blaser from New York University reckons the friendly flora living in and on our bodies never recover fully from antibiotic treatments. He says this is creating all sorts of other health problems.

Luna Ring

Patrick Tucker's visited Japan to speak to the people behind an ambitious plan to harvest solar power on the moon and beam this back down to earth.

Birds: Pukeko

Bird buff Hugh Robertson on the pukeko.

Crowd counting

Accurately estimating the number of people in a crowd is a tricky but important task for all sorts of reasons; for safety, for policing, even for the media who want to report the numbers right. Curt Westergard of Digital Design & Imaging Service, Inc, counts crowds for a living.