Home Brewing 1

Can you make your own craft beer at home for a fraction of the cost of the stuff in shops and bars? That's the challenge, as we kick off a new homebrewing series with Stu McKinlay of Yeastie Boys.

Naked Science

The latest science news with Dr Chris Smith of the Naked Scientists. This week, using Twitter to map the mood of the world, and the ultimate slippery surface that could be used to fight graffiti.

Detecting fake reviews

Rating and review websites are all over the internet these days. You can rate everything from your local cafe to a childcare centre but how can you tell if the review is real or just someone else's fake opinions? Myle Ott from Cornell University's developed software to tell if a review is genuine.


The science of what bugs us. Joe Palca's just written a book called 'Annoying' with Flora Lichtmann.

Container history (and container love!)

A New Zealand history of the shipping container with Gavin McLean. Plus Christine Reitze of Container Love in Christchurch is trying to make the ugly metal boxes dotted round the city look more pretty.

Smoking and appetite

Professor Marina R. Picciotto of Yale University is leading research into how smoking affects appetite and why, on average, smokers weigh 2.5kg less than non-smokers.