Spam Study

Chris Kanich has been studying how many people respond to spam emails and end up buying something.

Smallest engraving by hand

Graham Short has managed to engrave the words 'Nothing Is Impossible' on the cutting edge of a razor blade.

The inventor of the Ugg boot?

In the 60s, Shane Stedman was an Aussie surfer with cold feet who decided to wrap his chilly toes in a sheepskin bootie.

Sauces - Tomato Ketchup

Maggie Forest is back with more sauces and condiments. This week, we're making tomato ketchup.

Wrinkly fruit and eating the skins

Professor Julian Heyes answers more listener food questions. This week, should we be eating the skins of our fruit and veggies? Also is the fruit we're buying nowadays less likely to rot?

Wine and music

Markus Bachmann plays music to his wine as it ferments as he reckons the soundwaves affect the yeast and make it taste better.

Tech news - IE9 and telco legislation

Tech commentator Paul Brislen beams in to chat about the launch of the latest version of Microsoft's Explorer web browser-called IE9. Plus Google rejigs the way it lists search results, and a proposed amendment to the Telecommunications Act.

Favela Express

The Brazilian government's just invested in a network of cable cars to carry commuters and tourists high above Rio de Janeiro's slums or favelas. Nate Berg reports.