Global Denim

At any moment it's estimated that about half the world's population is wearing jeans. But why? Daniel Miller's one of the editors of 'Global Denim' (Berg).

Pests: Fleas

We're on the hunt for fleas with pest controller Paul Chapman and bug man Allen Heath.

UK news: product placement and no logo ciggies

Chris Parkin lives in the UK where product placement on TV gets the go-ahead and logos are coming off cigarette packets.

Cat food conundrum

How much food does a 4.5kg cicada-eating cat need?! Nick Cave of Massey University has the answer.

Fairtrade gold

Kate Carter of the Guardian on the jewellers in the UK who are teaming up to produce Fairtrade gold.

Seawater greenhouses

Charlie Paton is using greenhouses cooled with seawater to grow food in some of the most inhospitable places on earth.