Anti-virus phone calls

Have you had a phone call from somebody saying that your computer has a virus and offering to fix it for you? So are these calls scams and what should you do if you get one? With Paul Brislen, Dr Mark Rees (Microsoft) and Richard Parlett (Ministry of Consumer Affairs).

Kaimoana: Trevally

We're filleting trevally with Rachel Taulelei. Trevally's an affordable and versatile fish that's mostly exported to the Middle East.

Raw milk smuggling

The shady world of raw milk smuggling. Amish and Mennonite farmers are illegally supplying the white unpasteurised stuff to New York foodies. Jordan Heller of the Daily has the story.

Meat eating clocks

Jimmy Loizeau is designing a new breed of domestic appliances that 'eat' insects to power themselves.

Limerick dictionary

Chris Strolin is the Editor-in-Chief of the OEDILF. That's the Omnificent English Dictionary in Limerick Form!

Crowdsourcing journalism

Jim Giles is seeing if writing a good news article can be automated and crowdsourced. The only problem is it could put him out of business!

Traffic lights

We're looking at traffic lights with traffic engineer Wayne King (Hutt City Council) and Tim Kirby (Wellington City Council). So how do they work and why do they change when they do?