Fonts: Simon Garfield

From Arial to Webdings, we're speaking to Simon Garfield who's written Just My Type: A Book About Fonts (Profile Books).

Recreational tree climbing

Peter 'Treeman' Jenkins is a retired rock climber turned tree surgeon and in 1983 he founded Tree Climbers' International and opened the world's first tree climbing school in Atlanta, Georgia.

Pests: Wasps

We're on the hunt for wasps with pest controller Paul Chapman and our regular bug man Allen Heath.

High speed travel

An ambitious plan to create a transport network of high-speed and ultra fuel-efficient vehicles using vacuum tubes. Peter Maskus of Acabion is the engineer behind the project.

Japan: manga and toilet games

Justin McCurry lives in Japan where manga characters have inspired a wave of anonymous giving. Plus the computer game you play while you go to the toilet.