Tour de France 2009: drug cheats and testing

The Tour De France is underway and already there's talk of doping. But would a new approach that flags up super-human performance work any better than random testing? Jim Giles of the New Scientist reports.

Food additives: antioxidants

We head to the supermarket looking for food additives. In the first part of a new series we're hunting for antioxidants with Associate Professor Matt Golding of Massey University. So what are they and what do they do?

Emerging Technologies: Mobile 3D, social TV, green concrete

Jason Pontin of The Technology Review runs through three ideas on its list of top 10 emerging technologies. This week: mobile 3D, social TV and green concrete.

Food: olive oil content of spreads

How can a spread with olives all over the carton and the words 'spread with the goodness of olive oil' contain just 21 percent olive oil? With Margaret Brooker (NZFSA) and Professor Murray Skeaff (University of Otago).

Tech news: Super cookies

Peter Griffin's looking at super cookies. They live on your hard drive and are a lasting record of where you've been online. So should you be worried and what can you do about them?

Venezuelan retailers and Cuban cigars

It's crisis time for the Cuban cigar- exports have fallen by two-thirds in just 3 years. Plus Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez has a crack at private food retailers. Rory Carroll reports.

Mekong Part 4: Cambodia

The fourth part of our 5,000km trip down the Mekong River in South East Asia. NPR's Michael Sullivan has a look round the temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia.