Ice cream and hokey pokey

The history of ice cream with Jeri Quinzio and we get the scoop on who invented hokey pokey!

Spread and palm oil

Finding a low fat spread without palm oil in it. Laurence Eyres helps out.

Tech news: ACTA and iPhone

Bill Thompson reports. After being shrouded in secrecy the draft terms of the Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement go public. Plus a story about a bloke who leaves his phone in the pub.

Sniffing out bed bugs

Jeremy Ecker lives in New York where he hunts for bed bugs with his specially trained sniffer dogs. He's on the front line of the Big Apple's bed bug epidemic!


Shelling peanuts with Alison Sandle.

Nail polish

Carmen Drahl of Chemical and Engineering News on the clever science behind nail polish.

Web Harvest

The National Library's web harvest takes a snapshot of more than 130 million web pages for the historians of the future. Courtney Johnston's one of the harvesters.