New technology and writing

Is digital technology killing our ability to write? Stanford University English professor Andrea Lunsford's been studying thousands of exam and essay papers before and after the PC, spell-checkers and text-speak.

Preserving silence

Acoustic ecologist Gordon Hempton is trying to protect and preserve silence against the incursions of man-made noise.

Nuts: Almonds

We get up close and personal with the almond with Alison Sandle, an ancient nut that's mentioned in the Bible.


We're speaking to economics professor Mike Veseth who studies the global wine market about the importance of the wine-box.

iPlot 7: First Shoots

Signs of life in our urban veggie patch! Head gardener Colin Walker's inspecting the beds to see how our seedlings have been weathering the southerlies.

Windows 7 review

Is Microsoft's latest operating system any good? Peter Griffin gives his view on whether it's worth upgrading.

Brazil nut threat

NPR's Lourdes Garcia-Navarro reports from the Peru-Brazil border.