Digital music

Digital technology like file-sharing, mp3 players, ripping and burning has changed the music industry forever. We're speaking to writer Steve Knopper about his book"Appetite for Destruction: the spectacular crash of the record industry in the digital age".

iPlot 6: Compost

We're back in the iPlot, our urban veggie patch. Colin Walker's sharing his compost recipe with us!


Historian Ian Hunter's charted the 100 year history of Farmers, one of the country's biggest retail chains.

Technology news

Bill Thompson with technology news and some problems in the brave new world of cloud computing.

Easter Island and Bolivian DIY

Our correspondent Rory Carroll has two tourism-related tales from Latin America. A tourist ID card scheme for Easter Island, and an ill-fated DIY project by some Bolivian villagers on their local ancient monument.