Brian Raftery's an obsessive karaoke fan who has"a keen eye for detail and a terrible voice for song"according to his book"Don't Stop Believin: How Karaoke Conquered the world and saved my life".

iPlot 2: Double Digging

Gardener Colin Walker does some "double digging" to improve soil quality and hopefully by Labour Day we'll have some veggies in the soil.

Argentinian beef

NPR's Juan Forero on the movement among some Argentinian beef farmers to turn to American-style feedlots. But purists aren't happy.

Tech news: Net neutrality

Bill Thompson on the FCC's (the Federal Communications Commission in the US) attempts to maintain the internet as an open and neutral network.


Is getting on a moving walkway or travelator any quicker than just walking the same distance? Seth Young did his Phd on them.

Golf in China

Clifford Coonan's just been visiting the world's biggest golf club. Forget 18 holes, this place has over 200 of them!