Japan: hi tech toilets

David McNeill on the world's most hi tech lavatories and the agencies renting out actors to be the best man at your wedding.

Nuts: The macadamia

Nut queen Alison Sandle on macadamias. The toughest nut of all to crack and named after a Scot who died on his way here from Australia.

iPlot 1: A DIY Veggie Garden

We're transforming a grassy clay bank into the fertile crescent with Colin Walker's help...well that's the plan anyway!

Swatting Flies

Michael Dickinson's an American scientist also known as the The Flyman who specialises in insect flight.

Internet telephony

Our technology correspondent Peter Griffin has ditched his telephone landline and now relies on the internet to make most of his calls. So how easy is it to make the switch and will it save you money?

Eco-friendly cavemen?

NPR's Christopher Joyce with new archaeological evidence that our ancient hunter-gatherer ancestors weren't quite as eco-friendly as we might like to believe.

Drawing with your eyes

The Eyewriter's a new way for people with limited movement to write and draw. Zach Lieberman's involved in the project.