Tech time - Google's TV ads, browser wars and Windows 7

Google's first ever TV adverts. Why now? Plus Bill Thompson's had a play with Windows 7, Microsoft's latest operating system.

A buyer's guide to heat pumps

Winter's here so we crank up the heat with Hamish Wilson of's buyers' guide to heat pumps.

Rwanda's pro cycling team pedals for Olympic gold

Team Rwanda is pedalling for the podium at the 2012 London Olympics. The Observer's Steve Bloomfield reports.

Why most pharmacies stay independently owned

We drop into a local pharmacy with retail analyst Martin Craig. About 75 percent of them remain independently owned.

Bagels - boiled, baked and bendy

Foodie Maria Balinska's been researching the bagel's surprising history including the big question.... who put the hole in it?

Industrial tourism, factory visit anyone?

Professor John Lennon says industrial tourism is big business.

Inventions - cheque books, credit cards and cash registers

Inventions guru David Ellyard with some money and commerce-related inventions.