Intro:what's coming up

Decisions, dog food, donkey pong, drug subs and ghetto-blasters this week.

Writer Jonah Lehrer on"How We Decide"

Jonah Lehrer's written a book on the internal battle between pleasure and pain called"How We Decide".

Can you tell dog food from pate?

Robin Goldstein of the Blind Taste blog on a fiendish test involving meat-based products.

Backyard Bee Team: wasps in the hive

Commercial beekeeper Frank Lindsay pops in to see if wasps are stealing honey out the hive.

Donkey Pong: smells in computer games

Computer scientist Professor Bob Stone is using smells to make video games even more realistic.

Drug smuggling submarines

Smugglers are using homemade submarines to get cocaine from Columbia to Mexico. David Kushner has a ride in one.

The boombox: dancing in the streets

NPR's Frannie Kelley on the history of the boombox aka the ghettoblaster.

Noise-cancelling earphones: keeping noise at bay?

Tristan Clark of puts noise-cancelling earbuds to the test.

Designing T-shirts using crowdsourcing

Glenn Jones is using his customers' know-how to sell his T-shirts.