Stat Attack

Shopping with a statistician who works out what we're buying and how prices are changing over the years.

Landfill Mining

After stuffing all our rubbish into landfills for years, mining these old tombs of waste could be the way forward.


We go foraging for free food. Onion weed fritter with fennel and puha anyone?

Food Fight

Hummus wars in the Middle East. Israel and Lebanon are squabbling over who invented this and other delicacies.

Bits and Bytes

Claims that New Zealanders are heavily involved in the world's email spamming industry and reaction to Telecom's 3G upgrade.

Doggy DNA

From giant Great Danes to tiny Chihuahuas, dogs are one of the few animal species with vastly differing sizes. But why?

Dog Tucker

With all those dog rolls, tins and biscuits in the shops how can you be sure that your pooch is enjoying a good diet?