Good Guide

The website rating more than 60,000 products on how safe, healthy and green they are.

Bits and Bytes

The latest proposed European laws to make all electronics manufacturers put replaceable batteries in their products.

Sporting Life

Why golf balls have dimples. Also do sex bans before competition help or hinder sporting performance?

Loaded Lyrics

Product placement's been going on in films and TV shows for ages. Now people are paying to get brand names mentioned in songs.

On Your Bike

In Oakland, customised, pimped-out bicycles called "scraper bikes" are the latest craze.

Fishy Business

Catch numbers and trout sizes are down at Lake Taupo, an area which sells itself as the trout-fishing capital of the world.


We meet a guy who grows basil in Fiji, flies it here, then grinds it up to make 4 tonnes of pesto every week.