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Nick Bollinger reviews the new albums: Chatma from nomadic West African band Tamikrest; Black Lotus by African-and-Asian-inspired Wellington ensemble Shogun Orchestra; and Tiny Pieces Of Eight from Dunedin folk-punk Deirdre Newall.


Artist: Tamikrest
Songs: Imanin Bas Zihoun, Toumast Anlet, Timtar, Tisnat An Chatma, Achaka Achail Aynaian Dagchilan, Assikal
Composer: Ousmane Ag Mossa
Album: Chatma
Label: Glitterbeat/Stem

Artist: Deirdre Newall
Songs: Hallowed, Made To Measure, Table Top, Lay Down, John B, Spit Blues, When The Spirit Moves
Composer: Newall
Album: Tiny Pieces Of Eight
Label: Independent

Artist: Shogun Orchestra
Songs: River Of Sanzu,Shadow Clan, Mifune, Black Lotus, Watasumi, Cherry Blossom,
Composer: Johnson
Album: Black Lotus
Label: Economy