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Nick Bollinger reviews a reimagining of the Beatles’ Revolver by New Zealand musician Matthew Bannister; a reissue of Fleetwood Mac’s early masterpiece Then Play On; and the debut of Wellington singer-songwriter Andrew Freuan.

Artist: One Man Bannister
Songs: Here There & Everywhere, She Said She Said, For No One, I'm Only Sleeping
Composer: Lennon/McCartney
Songs: Love You To, Taxman
Album: Evolver
Label: Powertool

Artist: Andrew Fruean
Songs: Valentine, Essex Road, Dying Bell, Trying To Hold On, Angel
Composer: Fruean
Album: Drew
Label: Independent

Artist: Fleetwood Mac
Songs: Second Hand News
Composer: Buckingham
Album: Rumours
Label: Warner Bros.

Artist: Fleetwood Mac
Songs: Before The Beginning, Rattlesnake Shake, Closing My Eyes, Under Way, The Green Manalishi
Composer: Green
Song: Searching For Madge
Composer: Fleetwood
Songs: When You Say
Composer: Kirwan
Album: Then Play On
Label: Reprise