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Nick Bollinger reviews the debut of Auckland multi-instrumentalist Daniel McBride who records as Sheep Dog & Wolf; a collection of grown-up love songs from Wellington singer-songwriter Charlotte Yates; and a retrospective set of romantic pop from Dennis O’Brien.

Artist: Sheep Dog & Wolf
Songs: Egospect, Breathe, Glare, Nothing Probably, Guaranteed Defective
Composer: McBride
Album: Egospect
Label: Lil' Chief

Artist: Charlotte Yates
Songs: Before The Blue Begins, Hold Your Heart, Lighthouse, Falling Down, Think It Through, A Heart To Make, Dreams Are Like Sand
Composer: Yates
Album: Archipelago
Label: Universal

Artist: Dennis O'Brien
Song: Cara Mia
Composer: Trapani/Lange
Songs: Star Of The Sea, Move With The Light, Two Sad Sisters
Composer: O'Brien/e
Songs: Breakin' Into Another Day, Still In The Same Dream, Like A Stranger
Composer: O'Brien/Porter
Album: Still In The Same Dream: Songs 1972-1982
Label: Slow Boat