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Nick Bollinger reviews the self-pitying solo debut of Brunettes founder Jonathan Bree; the unreconstructed Kiwi country of Alan Downes; and local archival releases from Larry's Rebels and Bill Sevesi.

Music details

Artist: Jonathan Bree
Songs: Booty Call, Seven, Beat Your Head, Bored At A Mall, The Primrose Path, Laptop, Duckie's Lament
Composer: Bree
Album: The Primrose Path
Label: Lil' Chief

Artist: Bill Sevesi & His Islanders
Song: Hawaii Tattoo
Composer: Thomas
Song: Tiger Shark
Composer: Hodgkinson
Song: Dreams Beneath The Stars, Pagan Moon
Composer: Sevisi
Album: 25 Hawaiian Favourites
Label: Ode/Frenzy

Artist: Alan Downes
Songs: The Best, Road Of Gold, Huiarangi Homebrew, The Man, Yesterday's Cars
Composer: Downes
Album: The Best
Label: Independent

Artist: Larry's Rebels
Songs: Painter Man, Flying Scotsman
Composer: not supplied
Songs: Ticket To Ride, Good Day Sunshine
Composer: Lennon/McCartney
Song: Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
Composer: Goffin/King
Song: In The Midnight Hour
Composer: Cropper/Pickett
Album: A Study In Black/Madrigal
Label: Frenzy