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Nick Bollinger reviews a controversial new album from hip-hop auteur Kanye West, and finds the link between new releases from Saharan guitarist Bombino, Mississippi songstress Valerie June and Californian skate-punk Hanni El Khatib

Music details

Artist: Kanye West
Songs: On Sight, Black Skinhead, I'm In It, I Am A God, New Slaves, Blood On The Leaves
Composer: not supplied
Album: Yeezus
Label: Universal

Artist: Hanni El Khatib
Songs: Nobody Move, Head In The Dirt, Pay No Mind, Sinking In The Sand
Composer: Hanni El Khatib
Album: Head In The Dirt
Label: Innovative Leisure

Artist: Bombino
Songs: Amidinine, Azamande Tiliade, Aman, Imuhur, Imidiwan, Adinat
Composer: Moctor
Album: Nomad
Label: Nonesuch

Artist: Valerie June
Songs: Workin' Woman Blues, Somebody To Love, Wanna Be On Your Mind, Pushin' Against A Stone, On My Way
Composer: Valerie June
Album: Pushin' Against A Stone
Label: June Tunes