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In The Sampler Nick Bollinger reviews the sixth album from sizeable American cult heroes The National; the debut of Mississippi miserabilist John Murry; a new tribute to the late Nick Drake – and an archival release by his mother.

Music details

Artist: The National
Songs: Don't Swallow The Cap, Fireproof, Heavenfaced, Demons, I Should Live I n Salt, Humiliation, Graceless
Composer: The National
Album: Trouble Will Find Me
Label: 4AD

Artist: John Murry
Songs: The Ballad Of The Pajama Kid, Southern Sky, Little Coloured Balloons, Penny Nails, Things We Lost In The Fire, California
Composer: Murry
Album: The Graceless Age
Label: Evangeline

Artist: Various
Songs: Pink Moon, River Man, Which Will, Black-Eyed Dog, Poor Boy, Place To Be
Composer: Drake
Album: Way To Blue: The Songs Of Nick Drake
Label: Navigator/Carthage

Artist: Molly Drake
Songs: How Wild The Wind Blows, Woods In May, Little Weaver Bird
Composer: Drake
Album: Molly Drake
Label: Squirrel Thing