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Nick Bollinger reviews the new CD from Wellington musical institution Fat Freddy’s Drop; a second EP from up-and-coming singer songwriter Jesse Sheehan, and a memorial album of Pacifican brass band The Spoilers Of Utopia.

Music details

Artist: Spoilers Of Utopia
Songs: Delegation March, The Great Amnesia, Family Gibbon
Composer: Bell
Song: Blame
Composer: McGlashan, Arr. Meluhish
Song: Foggy Harbour March
Composer: Scholes
Song: S.O.S., Edmonds Tang
Composer: MelhuishAlbum: The Spoilers Of Utopia
Label: iiii

Artist: Jesse Sheehan
Songs: Sunshine, I Need To Get My Fire Back, Meredith, Old Man
Composer: Sheehan
Album: How The Light Gets In
Label: Homespun

Artist: Fat Freddy's Drop
Songs: Blackbird, Russia, Clean The House, Bones, Silver and Gold, Never Moving, Soldier
Composer: Fat Freddy's Drop
Album: Blackbird
Label: The Drop