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Nick Bollinger reviews a sombre new set from Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds; the long-playing debut of local psych-surf-garage-jazz trio The Mantarays; and a selection of Balkan brass bands, from Bosnia to Wellington.

Music details

Artist: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
Songs: Push The Sky Away, We Know Who U R, Mermaids, Jubilee Street, Higgs Boson Blues, Wide Lovely Eyes
Composer: Cave/Ellis
Song: Water's Edge,
Composer: Cave/Ellis/Wylder
Album: Push The Sky Away
Label: Mute

Artist: The Mantarays
Songs: Dancing Round The Fire, Launching Pad, Happy Houses, Bog, Lonesome Orbit, Vanishing Point, Rain Dance
Composer: The Mantarays
Album: Garden Of Light
Label: Next

Artist: Goran Bregovic
Song: Omule
Composer: Salam/Bregovic
Song: Champagne For Gypsies
Composer: Pop/Bregovic/Bregovic
Song: Quantum Utopia
Album: Champagne For Gypsies
Label: Cartell Music

Artist: Niko NeZna
Song: Ajde Baba
Composer: Jellyman
Song: Kustino
Composer: Trad.
Song: Nebuchadnezzer's Nine Wives
Composer: Grove
Album: Renegade Brass Bandits
Label: Monkey

Artist: Various
Song: Valentina's Papa
Composer: Bella Cajon
Song: Yishama-O-Rama
Composer: Klezmer Rebs
Song: Woipa Woipa
Composer: Nadya Golski
Album: Gypsy Fever
Label: Monkey