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Nick Bollinger reviews an electric new album from folk-rock pioneer Richard Thompson; a French-slanted set from Malian singing star Salif Keta; and a tribute to movie soundtracks by vocalist Petra Haden.

Music details

Artist: Richard Thompson
Songs: Stony ground, Sally B, Straight and Narrow, Stuck On A Treadmill, Good Things Happen To Bad People, Where’s Home?, The Snow Goose
Composer: Thompson
Album: Electric
Label: Proper

Artist: Salif Keita
Songs: Da, Tale, Samfi, C’est Bon, Simby, Natty
Composer: Keta/Cohen-Solal
Album: Tale
Label: Cartell

Artist: Petra Haden
Song: A Fistful Of Dollars
Composer: Morricone
Song: Cool Hand Luke
Composer: Schifrin

Song: Psycho Prelude
Composer: Herman

Song: Goldfinger
Composer: Barry/Bricusse/Newley

Song: Carlotta’s Gallop
Composer: Rota

Song: Bagdad Cafe
Composer: Telson
Album: Petra Goes To The Movies
Label: Anti