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Nick Bollinger reviews the latest album from folk-song-playing big band Bellowhead; the debut of teenage troubadour Jake Bugg; and the document of Led Zeppelin’s 2007 reunion.

Music details

BroadsidesArtist: Bellowhead
Songs: Byker Hill, The Old Dun Cow, Roll The Woodpile Down, 10,000 Miles Away, Go My Way
Composer: Trad. Arr. Boden
Songs: Black Beetle Pies, The Wife Of Usher's Well
Composer: Trad. Arr. Flood
Album: Broadsides
Label: Navigator

Celebration DayArtist: Led Zeppelin
Song: Good Times Bad Times
Composer: Page/Jones/Bonham
Song: Whole Lotta Love
Composer: Page/Plant/Jones/Bonham
Songs: Misty Mountain Hop, Trampled Underfoot
Composer: Page/Plant/Jones
Song: Kashmir
Composer: Page/Plant/Bonham
Song: Stairway To Heaven
Composer: Page/Plant
Song: Rock and Roll
Composer: Page/Plant/Jones/Bonham
Album: Celebration Day
Label: Atlantic

Jake BuggArtist: Jake Bugg
Song: Simple As This
Composer: Bugg/Prime
Song: Country Song
Composer: Bugg
Songs: Taste It, Lightning Bolt, Seen It All
Composer: Bugg/Archer
Song: Broken
Composer: Bugg/Hunt
Album: Jake Bugg
Label: Mercury