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Nick Bollinger reviews the latest album from soon-to-tour Brooklyn alt-rock symphonists Grizzly Bear; the pantheist folk songs of Mariee Sioux; and recent compilations of classic soul from the reissue label Ace/Kent.

Music details

ShieldArtist: Grizzly Bear
Songs: Sleeping Ute, Speak In Rounds, Yet Again, Half Gate, Gun Shy, What's Wrong, Sun In Your Eyes
Composer: Grizzly Bear
Album: Shields
Label: Warp

Mariee SiouxArtist: Mariee Sioux
Songs: Ghosts In My Heart, Old Magic, Homeopathic, Swimming Through Stone, White Fanged Forgiveness, Tule
Composer: Maiee Sioux
Album: Gift For The End
Label: Whale Watch

Hall of FameArtist: Various
Songs: I Worship The Ground You Walk On, Keep On Talking, You Really Know How To Hurt A Guy
Composer: Penn/Oldham
Album: Hall Of Fame
Label: Kent/Ace

Nobody WinsArtist: Various
Song: Nobody Wins 'Til The Game Is Over
Composer: Crutcher/Rice
Album: Nobody Wins: Stax Southern Soul
Label: Kent/Ace

Behind Closed DoorsArtist: Various
Song: My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You
Composer: Ross/Wills
Songs: He Called Me Baby, Life Turned Her That Way
Composer: Howard
Album: Behind Closed Doors
Label: Kent/Ace