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Nick Bollinger reviews a surprisingly sunny set from Cat Power; the debut of Gisborne trio Opposite Sex and the reissue of a lost Papua New Guinean classic from Sanguma.

Music details

SunArtist: Cat Power
Songs: Sun, Human Being, Cherokee, Nothin’ But Time, 3 6 9, Ruin
Composer: Marshall
Album: Sun
Label: Matador

Opposite SexArtist: Opposite Sex
Songs: Panther Fight, Dada Creep, La Rat, Master/Slave, Vague Notion, Hamish and Chips, Sea Shanty, A Year On Your Own
Composer: Opposite Sex
Album: Opposite Sex
Label: Fishrider

SangumaArtist: Sanguma
Songs: Namilai, Garden Song, Woma, Crustal Rapids, Sosi Sosi
Composer: Sanguma
Album: Papua New Guinea
Label: Ode