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Nick Bollinger reviews a collaborative album by Glasgow’s Trembling Bells and Kentucky’s Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy; the debut of Canadian ‘doom-soul’ artist Cold Specks; and a solo set from Belle and Sebastian guitarist Stevie Jackson.

Music details:

The Marble DownsArtist: Trembling Bells and Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy
Songs: I Made A Date With An Open Vein, Ferrari in a Demolition Derby, Love Is A Velvet Noose, Ain’t Nothing Wrong With A Little Longing
Composer: Neilson
Song: Riding
Composer: Oldham
Song: My Husband’s Got No Courage In Him
Composer: Trad.
Song: Lord Bless All
Composer: Gibb
Album: The Marble Downs
Label: Honest Jon’s
I Cant Get NoArtist: Stevie Jackson
Songs: Pure Of Heart, Just Just So To The Point, Richie Now, Where Do All The Good Girls Go?
Composer: Jackson/Moller
Song: Try Me, Man Of God
Composer: The Company
Album: (I Can’t Get No) Stevie Jackson
Label: Banchory
Cold SpecksArtist: Cold Specks
Songs: The Mark, When The City Lights Dim, Blank Maps, Winter Solstice, Lay Me Down, Heavy Hands
Composer: Spx
Album: I Predict a Graceful Explusion
Label: Mute