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This week Nick Bollinger reviews a country rock opera from Arizona band Giant Sand; a posthumous set of pop-punk from Joey Ramone; and a customised set of songs from Kelly Hogan.

Music details

Artist: Giant Giant Sand
Songs: Caranito, Lost Love, Detained, Undiscovered Country, Things Like That, Forever and a Day, Plane Of Existence, Recovery Mission, Slag Heap
Composer: Gelb
Album: Tuscon: A Country Rock Opera
Label: Fire

Artist: Joey Ramone
Songs: There’s Got To Be More To Life, What I Do To Deserve You, Merry Christmas, 21st Century Girl
Composer: Ramone
Song: I Couldn’t Sleep
Composer: Ramone/Leigh
Song: Party Line
Composer: Ramone/Ray
Song: Rock’n’Roll is the Answer
Composer: Ramone/Stotts
Album: Ya Know?
Label: Liberator/BMG

Artist: Kelly Hogan
Song: We Can’t Have Nice Things
Composer: Pendarvis/Bird
Song: Plant White Roses
Composer: Merritt
Song: Ways Of The World
Composer: Chesnutt
Song: Sleeper Awake
Composer: Harding
Song: Dusty Groove
Composer: Irwin
Song: I Like To Keep Myself In Pain
Composer: Hitchcock
Album: I Like To Keep Myself In Pain
Label: Anti