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Nick Bollinger reviews the 21st century comeback of veteran soul singer Bobby Womack; the rock’n’roll poetry of Patti Smith; and a career overview of John Cale.

Music details

Artist: Bobby Womack
Songs: Love Is Gonna Lift You Up, Stupid, Please Forgive My Heart, The Bravest Man In The Universe
Composer: Albarn/Russell/Payne/Womack
Song: Deep River
Composer: Trad. Arr. Albarn/Russell/Payne/Womack
Song: Whatever Happened To the Times
Composer: Womack Ford Song: Dayglo Reflection
Composer: Cooke/Albarn/Russell/Payne/Womack
Album: The Bravest Man In The Universe
Label: XL Recordings

Artist: Patti Smith
Songs: Amerigo, April Fool Composer: Smith/Shanahan
Songs: Fuji-San, Constantine’s Dream
Composer: Smith/Kaye
Song: This Is The Girl
Composer: Smith/Shanahan/Lehrman
Song: Mosaic
Composer: Smith/Daughtery
Song: Banga
Composer: Smith
Album: Banga
Label: Columbia

Artist: John Cale
Song: In Excelsis Deo/Gloria
Composer: Smith/Morrison
Song: I Wanna Be Your Dog
Composer: Alexander/Asheton/Ashteon/Osterberg
Song: Pablo Picasso
Composer: Richman
Song: Afraid
Composer: Nico
Song: Disco Clone
Composer: Melrose
Album: Conflict & Catalysis: Productions & Arrangements 1966-2006
Label: Big Beat