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Nick Bollinger revisits some of his favourite international albums of 2011.

Music details

Artist: Tuneyards
Songs: Esso, Biz-ness, You Yes You
Composer: Garbus
Album: Whokill
Label: 4AD

Artist: Feist
Songs: The Bad In Each Other, Caught A Long Wind
Composer: Feist
Album: Metals
Label: Polydor

Artist: Jessica Lea Mayfield
Songs: Our Hearts Are Wrong, Somewhere In Your Heart, Sometimes At Night
Composer: Mayfield
Album: Tell Me
Label: Nonesuch

Artist: Various
Song: You’ve Been Lonesome Too
Composer: Williams/Jackson
Song: You Know That I Know
Composer: Williams/White
Song: The Sermon On The Mount
Composer: Williams/Haggard
Album: The Lost Notebooks Of Hank Williams
Label: Egyptian/Columbia

Artist: Trembling Bells
Songs: Colour Of Night, Cold Heart Of Mine, Otley Rock Oracle
Composer: Neilson
Album: The Endless Pageant
Label: Honest Jon’s

Artist: Thurston Moore
Songs: Benediction, Circulation, In Silver Rain With A Paper Key
Composer: Moore
Album: Demolished Thoughts
Label: Matador

Artist: Low
Songs: Try To Sleep, Witches
Composer: Sparhawk/Parker
Album: C’Mon
Label: Sub Pop

Artist: Fleet Foxes
Songs: Montezuma, Helplessness Blues, Lorelai
Composer: Pecknold
Album: Helplessness Blues
Label: Sub pop

Artist: Nick Lowe
Songs: Checkout Time, Til The Real Thing Comes Along, Stoplight Roses
Composer: Lowe
Album: The Old Magic
Label: Proper

Artist: Paul Simon
Songs: The Afterlife, Dazzling Blue
Composer: Simon
Album: So Beautiful or So What
Label: Hear Music/Universal

Artist: Tom Waits
Songs: Get Lost, Satisfied, Hell Broke Luce, New Year’s Eve
Composer: Waits/Brennan
Album: Bad As Me
Label: Anti-