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Nick Bollinger revisits some of his favourite local albums from the past twelve months.

Music details

Artist: Fabulous Arabia
Songs: Perm
Composer: August/Milne/Laing
Song: Tony's Chord, Eugenics
Composer: August/Milne
Album: Unlimited Buffet
Label: Economy

Artist: Pajama Club
Songs: These Are Conditions, Can't Put It Down
Composer: Finn/Finn
Song:Tell Me What You Want,
Composer: Finn/Finn/Donnelly
Album: Pajama Club
Label: Lester

Artist: The Bats
Songs: Simpletons, Free All The Monsters, Fingers Of Dawn
Composer: Scott/The Bats
Album: Free All The Monsters
Label: Flying Nun

Artist: Haunted Love
Songs: Love Underwater, Teenage Fever, Robot Boyfriend
Composer: Haunted Love
Album: Spirit Revival
Label: Round Trip Mars

Artist: The Vietnam War
Songs: Heavy On My Mind, High Window
Composer: The Vietnam War
Album: The Vietnam War
Label: Round Trip Mars

Artist: The Unfaithful Ways
Songs: Katie My Darling, Restless Reckless and Ready, Yesterday I Loved You
Composer: Williams
Album: Free Rein
Label: Aeroplane

Artist: The Harbour Union
Song: How Lucky You Are
Composer: Davidson
Song: The Waterside
Composer: McGrath
Song: Prentice Boys
Composer: Park
Album: The Harbour Union
Label: Social End Product

Artist: Thrashing Marlin
Songs: A Rock To The South, Tangiwai Train, Time Of Your Life
Composer: Thrashing Marlin
Album: Donkey Deep
Label: Braille

Artist: Dudley Benson
Songs: Asthma, I Don't Mind
Composer: Benson
Song: Ruru
Composer: Melbourne
Album: Live Series - Volume One
Label: Golden Retriever

Artist: The Yoots
Song: Nga Iwi E
Composer: Whakarewarewa School
Song: E Papa
Composer: Traditional
Song: Tutira Mai
Composer: Huata
Album: Sing Along With The Yoots
Label: Economy