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Nick Bollinger reviews an interactive album from Icelandic innovator Bjork; a sonically inventive sophomore set from Oakland-based musician Merrill Garbus, who performs as Tuneyards; and talks to Pat Sansone of Wilco about the American band’s sophisticated new album The Whole Love.

Music details

Artist: Bjork
Songs: Cosmogony, Virus
Composer: Bjork/Sjon
Songs: Sacrifice, Mutual Core
Composer: Bjork
Song: Sacrifice
Composer: Bjork/ Oddny Eir Aeuarsdottir
Song: Moon
Composer: Bjork/Taylor
Album: Biophilia
Label: Polydor

Artist: Tuneyards
Songs: Bizness, My Country, Gangsta, Riotriot, You Yes You
Composer: Garbus
Album: Whokill
Label: 4AD

Artist: Wilco
Songs: I Might, Art Of Almost, One Sunday Morning, Open Mind, Born Alone, Dawned On Me, The Whole Love
Composer: Jeff Tweedy
Album: The Whole Love
Label: dBpm