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The Weekend with Karyn Hay for Sunday 22 January 2017

Music played in this show

Artist: Wet Wings
Song: Willow Peak (The Weekend's Theme)
Composer: Wet Wings
Album: Willow Peak
Label: Lil' Chief
Played at: 08:10, 09:06, 09:40, 09:57, 10:06, 11:06

Artist: Dusty Springfield
Track: I Close My Eyes And Count To Ten
Composer: Westlake
Album: Dusty Springfield: Love Songs / Goin' Back
Label: Philips 814990
Played at: 08:30

Artist: TOPS
Track: The Hollow Sound Of The Morning Chimes
Composer: TOPS
Album: The Hollow Sound of the Morning Chimes
Label: Arbutus Records
Played at: 09:45

Artist: Grouper
Track: Vessel
Composer: Harris
Album: Roy Montgomery/Grouper Split
Label: Root Strata
Played at: 09:50

Artist: Fetty Wap
Track: Again
Composer: Peoples, Shy Boogz
Album: Fetty Wap
Label: Warner
Played at: 09:53

Artist: Stevie Wonder
Track: Sunny
Composer: Bobby Hebb
Album: For Once In My Life
Label: Motown AA3746352342
Played at: 10:24

Artist: Weezer
Track: Wind In Our Sail
Composer: Rivers & Owens, Ryan Spraker
Album: Weezer
Label: Atlantic/Crush Music 554625
Played at: 10:43

Artist: Bat For Lashes
Track: Sunday Love
Composer: Khan
Album: The Bride
Label: Parlophone 461703
Played at: 11:30

Artist: Jesse Sheehan & Ny Oh
Track: Love Is (Live on RNZ National)
Composer: Jesse Sheehan
Played at: 11:50